Council Refuse BT Plans For Ad Display Monoliths

Say the InLink units would have a negative impact visually on the street

Outside 211 High Street
After and before pictures for 211 Brentford High Street


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An attempt by BT to remove phone boxes from Brentford High STreet and replace them with new InLinkUK monolith structures featuring video display advertising, has been turned down.

Hounslow Council said that an application for a siting outside 211 High Street (near the bus stop) of a proposed InLink kiosk would introduce a visually incongruous addition to the street scene. As such, the proposal would harm the appearance of the area.

A separate application for a siting outside 203 High Street (outside Barclays) was also refused for being visually incongruous. The Officers' report said it would be "a glaring, visually obtrusive and distracting addition" to the high street.

This is part of a borough wide scheme to install InLinks in 19 locations replacing BT payphones. A similar application in Chiswick for two sites was also turned down.

The InLinks will carry display advertising and according to BT will also feature community information as well as providing free wifi high speed broadband. There will also enable free phone calls to UK numbers. InLinks have two display screens for commercial and council advertising and also can provide power-only USB ports and other features. They are designed to be accessible for all, with hearing induction loops, braille information and screen access for wheelchair users.

At 89x28cm they take up a much smaller footprint than existing phone boxes and the aim is for each new unit to replace two old boxes.

There are two applications for the local area: PA/2018/4430 is for outside 211 Brentford High Street by the bus stop, replacing the existing phone box and another yet to be confirmed; PA/2018/4428 is for outside Barclays, replacing the existing two leaning phone boxes.

Outside Barclays
After and before pictures for outside Barclays, Brentford High Street

InLink Units


January 30, 2019

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