Octopus Plan Continues To Provoke Local Anger

WCGS says it will seriously damage 'green' credentials of LBH


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West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society (WCGS) has said the Octopus development at Chiswick roundabout will have a severe negative impact on the quality of life of local residents and seriously damage any 'green' credentials of the local authority and the UK in general.

The chairman of the Society, Marie Rabouhans said it was ironic at a time when so many people were thinking of Earth Hour and saving energy, locals in Chiswick were facing the prospect of a development where 40% of the energy required would go towards the LED lights of the media advertising screens.

There were reports last week that the wife of the former Qatari Emir, and the Prime Miister of the UAE , were engaged in a bidding war over the £120 million development.

octopus chiswick

Mrs. Rabouhans asked: "What message will siting such an unsustainable, energy-demanding, permanently lit construction in this prominent location give? Will it not seriously damage the reputation and green credentials not only of Hounslow and London but of the UK more generally?

"As indicated in the 2011 planning report, over 40% of the energy needed to run the building will be for the LED lights of the media screens and the rest of the shroud. The use of a Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP) engine, run on biodiesel will result in the release of nitrogen dioxide, a greenhouse gas. National policies aim to reduce overall energy use, and secure radical reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

"The release of nitrogen dioxide, particularly in an area where air quality is already very poor, prevents the building from being a sustainability exemplar, and is contrary to national policies", she commented.

"It's turning the so-called Golden Mile into a theme park," she said. "It's not really a building, it's a giant publicity hoarding. We remain opposed to the whole concept of the Octopus. Locals will feel like they are living in Las Vegas."

She added that it was a double- blow having the removal of trees in the area for TfL works on Power Road bridge, and two other areas of woodland as the air pollution along the Chiswick High Road, M4/A4 was dreadful.

The scheme, designed by architects MAKE, provides 4,800 square meters (52,000 square feet) of office space, a retail showroom at ground level, new landscaping, a rooftop public viewing gallery and an LED shroud around the building.

April 11, 2014

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