Hounslow Planning Climbs Out of Danger Zone

Speed of determining planning applications substantially improved


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You may have missed that in November the government published a consultation paper aimed at speeding up planning decision making, which carried the threat of planning authorities that didn’t perform to the set standards being named and shamed and placed into special measures.

Hounslow was one of those named at that time as an authority whose performance in terms of speed of decision making for major applications over the 2 year period set by government. Measures were put into place by officers to improve the measured performance, and substantial improvements were acheivedfrom December 2012 to June 2013.

Unfortunately a further article in May 2013 by Planning magazine further fanned the flames, mentioning Hounslow again as likely to be put into special measures, and this story was reported in the local press.

Hounslow have improved to such an extent that it has not only exceeded the threshold, but is no longer close to it with over 38% of major applications being determined within the required period of 13 weeks.  


July 19, 2013

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