Osterley Councillor Tony Louki Becomes Hounslow Mayor

Chooses Our Barn as one of his charities supporting disabilities and autism

Karen Adams and Cllr Tony Louki
Mayor of Hounslow, Cllr Tony Louki, and Karen Adams, Our Barn Community


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This Tuesday saw Osterley & Spring Grove Councillor Tony Louki elected as Mayor of Hounslow for the forthcoming year.

As well as Hounslow Seniors Trust Tony has chosen Our Barn Community as his charities of the year.

Our Barn runs a youth club at Redless Play Centre on Sunday afternoons in term time; multisport activities at isleworth Leisure Centre on Tuesday evenings; challenges public perception of disability, holds a gardening club in Osterley Park, has recently started buddy bicycles with adapted tricycles and duos, runs programmes developing young people's futures and supports carers.

Karen Adams is a co-founder and CEO of Our Barn and made a presentation highlighting the growth and achievements of Our Barn.

Here is a little of her story:

"Our aim is to increase awareness across the borough of learning disability and autism. Our young people will have their chance (we hope) to help everybody in Hounslow realise that regardless of labels that identify ability or disability we are ready to make a massive contribution - we live in a fantastic borough in an amazing city.

A beautiful young man

"I’m the parent of a young man who has significant difficulties. He doesn’t speak at all, he needs help with every aspect of living. He went to a great secondary school, specialising in autism, not far away. His school transformed him from a very angry and frightened 11-year old into the beautiful young man he is today.

Redlees treehouse

"We went to MANY meetings, my cofounder Judith and I. We asked for a lot. One of our most memorable 'outputs' was the treehouse at Redlees Play Centre – fully accessible to a wheelchair user. We didn't get all of what we asked for, but we're thankful for the legacy: what is now known as Short Breaks, lives on. Councillors here should be proud of this provision. So far, (so far) Short Breaks has survived the most severe public funding cuts and continues to provide a vital lifeline to families.

"We started Our Barn youth club on a Sunday afternoon in the log cabin in Redlees play centre.

"We also support unpaid family carers stay in that role for as long as they are able. We reach out to parents who are just starting their journey to show them that no matter how difficult or impossible life seems, there are those further along who have experienced the same difficulties and survived."

In honour of being named, Our Barn are using #LoukiLikey throughout the year.

You can read the full text of Karen's presentation which tells you more about Our Barn and the presentation (pdf) here.

May 23, 2019

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