Burglaries, Attempted Robberies and Thefts from Cars

November update from Neighbourhood Watch

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Attempted Robbery
On a recent Sunday evening, a lone female returning home from work was attacked in the Gunnersbury/Brentford border by 3 hooded youths, two male and one female, possibly teenagers or in their early twenties.

Moments before the attack, a passing Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team had passed the area and had seen the 3 youth’s acting suspiciously.  The patrol turned back to investigate and it was then that the patrol witnessed the attack and heard the victim scream.  The attackers, when seeing the police patrol approach, ran off empty handed, leaving their unfortunate victim badly shaken. The 3 youths escaped. 

It is imperative for both male and females traveling/walking alone at night to be constantly aware of their surroundings.  Stick to well lit routes to get to your destination even if they do take youon a slight detour.   

Robbery Safeguard
It is not recommended during the day or night to be seen alone using mobile phones or listening to music on headsets while on public transport or walking in the street.  Thieves attack their victims when they are least expecting it, the suddenness of the attack leaving the victim momentarily stunned and in some cases injured, making it easy for the thieves to steal what they want.

School children traveling to/from school using electronic equipment in public places are also vulnerable to this type of theft.    

Recent Attacks on Parked Vehicles in Hamilton Road
For the third known time this year, thieves using equipment that deactivated the vehicles electronic locking system were able to enter a vehicle parked in Hamilton Road.  No apparent damage was done to the vehicle and only small personal items of no real value were stolen. 

Please do not keep anything of value in unattended vehicles and warn any visitors not to do so.   

In another recent incident, friends visiting residents living in Hamilton Road had their vehicle's front passenger side door mirror vandalized whilst it was parked overnight in Hamilton Road.  Regrettably no one saw or heard the vandalism take place.   

Residential Burglaries, North of the A4
There has been noticeable increase of residential burglaries north of the A4

Burglar(s) enter the premises either by forcing open unsecured or weakly constructed front doors, or through open/unlocked windows.     

Burglar(s) operate silently and confidently under cover of darkness. Although they prefer to enter unoccupied residences, they are prepared to take the risk and enter what could be an occupied residence.  During the winter months and especially with the Festive Season fast approaching, please take all necessary security precautions.

Wonga Identity Theft
A local resident had an unpleasant surprise recently when checking their bank statement only to find that they were repaying Wonga for a loan that they had NOT taken out.  A quick check with Wonga and the bank concerned indicated that someone has taken out a Wonga loan using the resident’s identity causing a considerable amount of inconvenience to the resident.

Please do all possible to ensure that your identity does not fall into the wrong hands. Before discarding any personal documents, including household bills that display your name and address ensure that they are shredded, or at least torn into small pieces.

November 16, 2012

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