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If you leave things lying about, they are liable to disappear

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In February, a Westbury Place resident had their vehicle stolen from outside their home.  It was the same vehicle that was targeted by thieves in January, when the vehicle’s front and rear registration plates were stolen.       

In a rather unusual incident, in March, a locked bicycle kept in a  front  garden  of a house in Hamilton Road was targeted by thieves.The thieves stole the lock and not the bicycle.

Residents are asked to do all possible to check if they hear suspicious noises coming from the street and gardens and to dial 999 should they suspect that a crime is taking place. 

Recently a local resident took their child to St. Paul’s Recreation Ground Children’s Playground.  During the visit, the child’s scooter was stolen.  The theft of children’s scooters is sadly not uncommon in parks, outside shops or even when a scooter has been left inside supermarket entrances during shopping trips.  Parents who have children who use scooters should be aware of the problem of scooter theft.

Please take great care of flyers pushed through your letter box, or cold callers who visit your home, offering cash in return for ‘unwanted’ gold, jewelry, medals or similar valuable personal items.  If you have anything of value that you wish to sell or indeed have valued, use only a reputable jeweler or dealer.  Never discuss anything with cold callers and never invite cold callers into your home.

A Hamilton Road resident reported to Neighbourhood Watch that an unknown vehicle had been parked in the same spot in Hamilton Road for a considerable period.  Neighbourhood Watch contacted the Brentford Safer Neighbourhoods Team to check the vehicle’s registration and it was learnt that the vehicle had in fact been stolen from the Hampton area.  The vehicles owner has been advised,.


April 13, 2012