Thames Water to expand Mogden

Local area committee regrets decision

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At a meeting last night (Thursday, 5th March 2009) councillors from the Isleworth & Brentford Area Committee passed a Motion by majority vote regretting the decision by the council's Sustainable Development Committee to give the go-ahead to plans by Thames Water to expand its controversial Mogden Sewage Works operation.

The Motion was supported by all five ICG councillors present and by Andrew Dakers, Liberal Democrat member for Brentford. Conservatives Barbara Reid and Sheila O'Reilly and Labour's Ruth Cadbury voted against.

The Proposer of the Motion, Isleworth councillor Phil Andrews, commented: "The majority on SDC took a cowardly decision on the back of some highly selective information from officers which is likely to have seriously detrimental effects for residents in Isleworth, Twickenham and parts of Hounslow.

"The conditions imposed were frankly worthless and if Thames Water's track record is anything to go by will probably not be adhered to anyway, and I have seen nothing to persuade me that the will would exist to enforce them were that to be the case.

"Thames' claim that it could not cover the storm tanks, which is an essential prerequisite for odour reduction, because OFWAT wouldn't allow it was patently false yet went unchallenged by officers who knew the truth of the matter. The fact is that Thames is only prepared to do anything to reduce odour if OFWAT gives it permission to secure public funds. There is nothing to stop Thames investing some of its own money to enable it to fulfil its statutory obligations. This is no more than we would expect of any other developer."

Councillor Andrew Dakers commented "I share Cllr Andrews regret at the decision of SDC regarding Mogden, which is why I supported his motion at IBAC yesterday evening. However, as a member of SDC that supported the decision to expand Mogden on Wednesday, I felt like most other councillors that under current planning law this was the best deal we could get for the community - however I cast my vote with regret that this was the only way forward. I dispute that any member of the committee made a "cowardly"decision, we deliberated long and hard - until 11 o'clock at night. If Cllr Andrews believes there is information that officers did not share, this should be brought to all councillors attention."

March 7, 2009