Conservatives Announce Their Manifesto Pledges On Council Services

Say they would provide better services at a lower cost to residents

Conservative candidates in the borough with Sajid Javid MP


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Local Conservative election candidates have announced their election manifesto pledges on Council services.

They say:

When elected, Hounslow Conservatives will overhaul the decrepit and expensive Hounslow Council services to provide better services for all Hounslow residents at a lower cost to taxpayers.

Specific pledges include:

1. A return to weekly bin collection across the Borough. Residents demand weekly bin collections. The current fortnightly bin collections, forced through by Labour, have resulted in more fly-tipping with the risk of increased rat infestations and associated threats to health. Weekly bin collection is a service paid for by tax payers and so should be delivered by the Council.

2. Simplify recycling to improve efficiency. Labour has wasted £28 million on a white elephant recycling centre but seen a drop in actual recycling rates. Consumers are also understandably confused by the tortuous rules of what can be recycled and when. Conservatives pledge to bring a new, simpler and more efficient recycling system that will benefit residents and the environment.

Conservatives will also launch a formal investigation into possible misuse of funds that has led to the massive cost over-runs with the new Recycling Centre at a cost so far of £28 million to Hounslow taxpayers.

3. Fill all major pot holes within one year. Across Hounslow, roads are left in appalling state by the mismanagement of Labour. Despite receiving over £90 million via Central Government to fix the problems, Labour has mismanaged and misspent so that many roads are rapidly decaying and some are now unusable by cyclists.

“Conservatives are going to focus on delivering the services that residents want from their Council across waste collection, recycling and street maintenance,” explains Sam Hearn, Conservative Group Leader on Hounslow Council. “The pot holes are so bad that it is said that on some roads the police looking for drunk drivers only stop cars travelling in a straight line because the sober drivers weave in and out to avoid the potholes.”

April 26, 2018

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