Helen Cross Selected As Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Chiswick businesswoman has a background in technology


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Helen Cross

Helen Cross has been selected as the Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the constituency of Brentford and Isleworth.

Helen has lived in Chiswick since 2001. She is a businesswoman with over 18 years’ experience, with a successful career in technology and the digital economy, specialising in robotics and AI and its impact on the jobs of the future. She has advised major government departments and FTSE 100 companies.

She says;“The Liberal Democrats can win Brentford and Isleworth, we came first here in the European Elections beating Labour by over 7 points, the Tories polled only 9%. People in Brentford and Isleworth are sick of a choice between Brexit or Brexit plus Corbyn, they are turning to the Liberal Democrats as a sensible party who will stop Brexit and get on with fixing the climate crisis, inequality and economic growth.

Helen started out in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, was born in her local NHS hospital and studied at her local comprehensive school system and before going to Bristol university where she graduated with a BSc in politics.

If elected, Helen intends to help Brentford and Isleworth benefit from the digital, global economy using her business and technology expertise. Helen believes voters need parliamentarians who are qualified to look to the future and who know how to seize the opportunities for this generation and the next.

Helen says that growing up as a mixed race child gave her a real insight into being a minority within a community and the importance of embracing difference and defending all minorities.

She ran as a Turnham Green Council candidate in 2018.

Helen has campaigned to get the ULEZ extended to include the A4, protecting two schools from pollution. She has also called for a dedicated council unit to support EU citizens.

She has also run as an MEP candidate in May 2019 and campaigned full time to stop Brexit.

When accepting her nomination Helen said: “I joined the Liberal Democrats to STOP BREXT and to fight for the Liberal values of openness, tolerance and diversity. But I will also fight for social justice, I was born in my local NHS hospital, went to comprehensive school and then to university. I want everyone to have real opportunities to achieve the life they want.”

Asked about other areas she will campaign for, Helen highlighted Heathrow: ‘Voting for Conservative means not only are you voting for a No Deal Brexit you are also voting to expanded Heathrow. That means more flights, more noise and more pollution. Heathrow is a disaster for the health of people across Brentford & Isleworth and only the Lib Dems are committed to stopping it."

October 7, 2019

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