New Petition Started for Return of Lucozade Sign

Hounslow Council being asked to place it on the Ballymore car park

The Lucozade Sign Sits Proudly In Gunnersbury Museum. Picture: Gunnersbury Park & Museum


Petition Launched To Restore Lucozade Sign to Brentford

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The campaign to have the iconic London Lucozade sign put back up in Brentford is continuing.

A petition to Hounslow Council has been set up to ask for its return.

Part of the famous illuminated Lucozade sign is currently on display at Gunnersbury Museum, with another part in storage.

Local man John Dale started the petition to “rescue Brentford’s famous Lucozade sign and put it on the town’s monolithic car park”. The nine storey structure recently built by Ballymore currently has a mural painted on it.

Petition Launched To Restore Lucozade Sign to Brentford
A visualisation of how the sign might look. Picture: John Dale

The iconic sign was installed on the energy drink brand’s factory in 1953 and was one of the first pieces of moving advertising in the country. It grew to have a cult of admiration.

Celebrities including Jennifer Saunders, Jeremy Vine and Kirstie Allsopp have previously spoken out about the cultural significance of the sign.

The Lucozade sign was displayed proudly in Brentford’s Golden Mile – a once hugely influential stretch of the M4 which served as an industrial hub.

The original sign read “Lucozade Aids Recovery” but this was replaced in the 1980s with a sign reading “Lucozade Replaces Lost Energy”.

Even that sign had to be moved after former owners Glaxo Smith Kline demolished the old Lucozade factory.

John Dale Started The Petition To Bring Back The Iconic Sign. Picture: John Dale

The sign was removed altogether in 2016 with advertising company JC Decaux introducing a giant digital advertising screen in its place.

Both Lucozade signs depicted an original design glass bottle pouring a bubbling liquid into a wine glass.

Lucozade’s new Japanese owner Suntory has invested in the restoration of the original sign, which is still at the Gunnersbury Museum .

Suntory had applied to restore the original sign in 2010, while it was still on display, but their application was rejected by Hounslow Council .

Each of the eight letters is around 3ft by 3ft in size, making it extremely heavy. Only the letters are on display in the museum.

The petition had three signatures at the time of writing and reads, “It was Brentford’s most famous landmark – the Lucozade sign which sat alongside the Golden Mile’s A4/M4 for many years.

“Now it lies almost forgotten in a museum. Let’s bring it back from the dead and put it where the world can see it again in all its glory.

“As they redevelop the town centre, the contractors Ballymore say they want to dig into Brentford’s rich history to turn it into a cultural hub.

“Here’s their chance! In one fell swoop they can restore the town’s most iconic image – and at the same time improve the look of the concrete car park they’ve built on the High Street.”

Gunnersbury Museum said: “[The] museum played a vital role in saving the Lucozade sign when it was removed during redevelopment.

“With the aid of a corporate sponsor, the sign was repaired and is now on show in the museum.

“We’re proud to be able to showcase such a recognisable icon from Hounslow’s history for free in our museum which remembers and celebrates the history of Ealing and Hounslow.”

Ballymore has been contacted for comment.

James Mayer - Local Democracy Reporter


November 16, 2021

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