"So Much Goodness in the World"

Passers by offer assistance willingly

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Local resident Sue Simpson sent us the following good news:

"I am writing because of an incident on the afternoon of Saturday 2 June in Windmill Road, Brentford. 

"My mother (aged 85) and I were walking to the jubilee celebrations in Brentford when she tripped on an uneven paving stone and fell heavily.  She lay on the pavement, not sure how seriously injured she was, unable to see clearly because her glasses had broken. 

"One kind woman in particular stayed with us until my husband arrived with the car to take us to the West Mid.   We didn’t get her name but we would like to thank her particularly. 

"While we were there every single person passing by stopped to offer help.  Not just pedestrians either - car drivers, people on bikes and motor bikes too were concerned and offered to call an ambulance or give assistance.  It’s a shame that the media so frequently focus on negative stories when there is so much goodness in the world. "


June 11, 2012

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