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Hounslow FoodBox

The number of families being referred by to Hounslow FoodBox by agencies has risen over the summer and continues to rise. For example last Friday over 50 people were supported in the three hours they were open; well in excess of a year ago and even six months ago.

There are a variety of reasons why families are referred but what Hounslow FoodBox is worried about in the run up to Christmas is what the festive season will be like for these families – especially ones with children.

The following seasonal items will especially be welcome such as:

Toys (especially)
Christmas Crackers
Mince Pies
Soft drinks

Although there are currently adequate supplies of non-perishable food, tins are always welcome and there are freezers to keep frozen meals.

Ruth Cadbury MP added "A massive thank you to all the Foodbox volunteers for what they are doing to ensure local people don’t go hungry.  But we shouldn’t need a foodbank.  I am angry that the Government are managing benefits, and have deliberately designed the Universal Credit (UC) system to be as punitive as it could be, effectively punishing people for being poor.  Whilst the idea of a single payment sounds fair and straightforward, everything about the reality is the opposite.  That’s why I and other MPs have been demanding that the Government pause further roll-out, and make UC fit for purpose".

If you require Bank details or wish to volunteer or donate please contact HCF on 07719891787 or . Donations can be brought to HCF, on Brickfield Close, round the back of Pets at Home.

Thanks to John Dale for the video.

November 22, 2017

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