Gavrilo Princip: National Hero or Terrorist?

Next in series of Sunday Afternoon Lectures in Syon House

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In the second in a series of lectures at Syon House, Tatjana Bonny gives a talk entitled "Gavrilo Princip: National hero or terrorist?" on the 13th July.

She will examine the life and legacy of Gavrilo Princip whose assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand & his wife in Sarajevo proved a catalyst for the Great War.

Gavrilo Princip

Tatjana Bonny is currently working as one of the house guides at Syon. She has always had interest in history and has graduated the Open University whilst she was volunteering at the Imperial War Museum London last year. Before she came to London, she worked in her native Sarajevo in the field of Dialogue and Human rights. During the Yugoslav conflict Tatjana was a fixer and translator for BBC and other news crews. Tatjana also works as an Events editor of Centenary News, a web site dedicated to coverage of the Centenary of the WW1.

These afternoon lectures start at 3.00pm and are in the Northumberland Room in Syon House.
Admission is free with a House and Garden Ticket.

Future Lectures in the Series

Syon Park and the Great War

This illustrated talk on Sunday 20th July by Richard Flenley will explore the impact of the First World War on Syon and its local community, also linking to his home city of Lancaster and to monuments – great and small - in Flanders, on the Somme, back in London and close to Syon Park.

Richard Flenley is a [semi-retired] landscape consultant who has worked as an advisor in a number of historic properties in London and along the Thames including the all of the Royal Parks, The Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace as well as assisting with landscape history and preparation of Landscape Management Plans at Syon Park.

A Tale of Two Grandfathers

Two grandfathers, one from Ireland, one from England, both engaged in the ‘War To End All Wars’. One, a professional soldier with much active service already seen, the other a fresh-faced young man who put his age on in order to fight for ‘King and Country’.

Patrick Russell is a retired English & Film Studies teacher. He has always had a fascination for History, and is a room guide at Syon, Ham and Osterley Houses, as well as a volunteer at Kew Gardens. Since the 1990s, he has researched his family history and has discovered that he is related (fourth cousin, once removed) to the Duchess of Cambridge. He is currently researching the army careers of his two grandfathers, and this research forms the basis for this talk which takes place on Sunday 27th July. His son-in-law is a Major in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

July 9, 2014

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