African Art at St Faith's - November 17

"The African Crucifix" and more; one night only

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St Faith’s Church is temporary home to a most spectacular piece of African Art – “The African Crucifix” This vast 7.5m by 4.5m beaded panel was brought to life by the highly skilled group of artists in South Africa, These women are widows of AIDS victims, and form part of  Ubuhle which is a community spirit that provides training and employment opportunities for these women.

This piece of art is a story of hope. The idea was to create a Work of Art that is positive, to encourage people to see the God in Africa and its people.

Several panels, each telling its own story, which come together to give hope for a new community.

Here are some examples: The Three Trees -The first tree is the Tree of Destruction. Symbolic of all that is bad in Africa - from Aids and death to drought and poverty.

The storm brewing above the Tree of Destruction - The darkness before the storm represents our own personal dark times, political darkness, confusion and turmoil, yet a storm is symbolic of the hope of rain and the new life it brings.

The rainbow symbolises the euphoria of 1994 and the first democratic election. The rainbow nation, Madiba, The Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, a time of such promise, relief and peace.

The African Masks in the form of tears represents the long awaited rainfall. The Filling of the River of Life.

From the River of Life grows the Tree of Life. Symbolic of all that is good in Africa, richness of life, communities, shelter and food. The tree of destruction becomes the tree of life through the Grace of God.

John and Mary at the foot of the cross - Christ in his dying moments asked Mary to be John’s mother and John to be her son. Symbolic of the birth of a new family - the new community that is born from the destruction of AIDS; a new community where children can be cared for by new families.

The Tree of Sacrifice - A battered, thin, beaten Christ. The Christ who gave his life.

This wonderful piece of art depicting hope is on display in St Faith’s Church (122 Windmill Road Brentford)  together with other pieces in the collection on Tuesday 17th November 7pm-9pm. Do come along; all are welcome.


November 9, 2009

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