Local Funding for Voluntary Groups and Charities

Small Grants available to be spent locally

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FUNDING – Hounslow Area Committee Grant

Small grants of up to £500 to encourage local community activities within one of the five defined areas of the borough by providing small grants to encourage and support Hounslow based voluntary organisations/community groups who are currently not funded by the council. This could support one-off events and projects, for example, local community and cultural events, or could assist towards start-up costs for new groups

The closing date for the next round is Friday 26 August 2011. The criteria and application form can be found on the council website..

FUNDING – NatWest CommunityForce

At NatWest we know there are lots of fantastic groups of local people making a difference in their community.

In each of our local markets we will be offering three community projects the chance to win awards of £6,000 each. And it will not be us that decide the winners, but local people, your residents, who know the projects and what will benefit your area most.

CommunityForce is more than just financial support; it is about connecting people to projects. Groups can also ask for help in the shape of volunteering time and expertise from local people on our website.

If you know a local charity, organisation or group which you think would benefit, please ask them to register at: www.natwest.com/communityforce by 4th September.

Our goal is to make sure that the Government support we have received is paid back in every sense. Part of that is about supporting the communities in which we work and CommunityForce is one way in which we hope to do that.

If you would like to know more about CommunityForce, please have a look at the website www.natwest.com/communityforce

FUNDING – Peel2Save

An Innovative and Simple High Profit Fundraiser: Peel2Save

The Peel2Save fundraising card is one of the most efficient and effective ways for charities, schools, churches, sports centres, youth groups and other non-profit organisations to raise much needed money.

Peel2Save voucher cards are credit-card sized – so they fit neatly into a purse or wallet. They contain 64 individual peel-off coupons, each one promoting a great local business. In total the offers are typically worth well over £300 – and all the offers are local.

You sell the cards for £10 each and keep £5 from every card sold.

The handy Peel2Save cards encourage people to support local businesses that are supporting their local community, while providing local charities and non-profit organisations with a proven, risk-free fundraising programme. Many organisations are selling hundreds of cards in only 2-3 weeks, so significant funds can be raised very quickly.

Peel2Save's target is to raise over £2 million within the next 12 months for the causes partnering with them around the country. It's easy for charities and non-profit organisations to get started - just contact your local Peel2Save co-ordinator.

Peel2Save co-ordinators in and around the borough of Hounslow:
Chiswick - Vicky Carne vicky.carne@peel2save.co.uk T 020 8994 9664 M 07711 031112
Hounslow - Gemma Davies gemma.davies@peel2save.co.uk M 07971 402686
Feltham - Graham Robinson graham.robinson@peel2save.co.uk M 07706 243747
Staines - Jake Liddell jake.liddell@peel2save.co.uk M 07786 808800
Walton-on-Thames, Molesey & Sunbury on Thames - Emma Sturgess-Lief Emma.Sturgess-Lief@peel2save.co.uk T 020 3405 1234 M 07956 217430

For more information, visit www.peel2save.co.uk

FUNDING – People’s Postcode Trust

The People’s Postcode Trust is the grant giving independent charitable trust of People’s Postcode Lottery. We distribute funds to small organisations, community groups and registered charities. Funding is available for 3-month projects ranging from £500 up to £10,000 in Scotland and England, and up to £5,000 in Wales.

Funding will be awarded to projects with one or more of the following aims:

To prevent poverty
To promote, maintain, improve and advance health
To advance citizenship or community development
To advance public participation in sport
To promote, improve and advance human rights, conflict resolution or reconciliation
To promote and advance environmental protection or improvement

The next funding rounds for England and Wales are: Open: 11 July 2011; deadline: 26 August 2011 Open: 10 October 2011; deadline: 11November 2011

For more information about the People’s Postcode Trust call the Trust Helpdesk on 0131 555 7287 or email us at info@postcodetrust.org.uk or visit the website www.postcodetrust.org.uk/


If you'd like to know more information about Hounslow Council’s work with the local voluntary sector please visit - Community Partnerships Unit and subscribe to the 'E-Volve' mailing list which spread news (especially time sensitive news and funding opportunities) to voluntary organisations working in the London Borough of Hounslow. If you would like to be added to the mailing list please email community.development@hounslow.gov.uk

August 16, 2011

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