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Helen Mark explores little-known Johnsons Island in Brentford, west London. Located at the confluence of the rivers Thames and Brent and the Grand Union Canal, this peaceful haven is a thriving centre for boat lovers and artists alike. Mark meets members of the local community to learn how its nature and surroundings inspire them.

This episode is available to listen again.

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Janet McNamara, Brentford's resident Heritage Guide commented on the programme:

"Johnson's Island is most likely called after Robert WallaceJo hnson who lived in the Butts in 1792.

He owned and occupied
a Steam Mill, Coke House, Starch House and Lofts, Labratory (as spelled by the surveyor) and Lofts, Piggeries, Counting House, Yards etc
This property was rated at £170 which was reduced to £120.
He owned a number of Tenements and a property occupied by Alexander Corson that was described as Turpentine Works and Labratory rated at £20 and a Warehouse rated at £5.
The address was given as Catherine Wheel Yard which ran down to the River Brent at the time of the survey before the canal was built.
Dr Johnson and Mr Corson most likely used the Brent and the Thames for importing supplies and exporting their finished goods."

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February 5, 2013

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