Forthcoming Exhibition at Johnsons Island

Liz Green to exhibit her weathered themed paintings


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Weathered - 25-27 October - Brentford Gallery

Liz Green is travelling all the way down from Inverness, to exhibit her weathered themed paintings in our aptly weathered gallery. 26-27th October.

‘Weathered’ by Liz Green explores surfaces and places exposed to the elements, transformed by age and water. Be they faded, cracked, blistered, reflected in water or modified in other ways, the emerging textures, patterns and colours can be compelling and draw the eye, especially in low light. There can be surprising convergence in form, for example between fractured lead paint, birch bark and human skin in twilight years. Past use and industrial history adds a further layer of depth and poignancy to the weathering process, obscuring remnant meaning and signposting the past.

This collection draws on material from both Highland where Liz is based now and the Thames through Chiswick and Brentford where she grew up in the 1960s and 70s, messing about on the river and still visits regularly. Most pieces have close links to water and originate from coastal, river and canal locations. Others are intimate portraits of trees and their bark.

This exhibition is an opportunity to take a new look at landscape that is ‘everyday’ and familiar from a new perspective. Liz will be on hand to answer any questions about her work.

Johnsons Island Artists, Johnsons Island (opposite The Brewery Tap), Catherine Wheel Road,Brentford, TW8  8BD

For more information: Facebook/JiArtists/ Twitter@JiArtists email

October 6, 2019

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