Solo Exhibition in Fitzrovia for Brentford's Tara Winona

Fundraising with sister Michelle Urqhart and Marco van Pagee on violas in duet

Treasure IV  Hope, Ink and acrylic on Canvas, Tara Winona
Treasure IV – Hope, Ink and acrylic on Canvas, Tara Winona

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Tara Winona is a well known artist for those familiar with Johnsons Island. She is now holding a solo exhibition in central London.

Once a creative director for multi-media shows internationally, she became a professional artist 4 years ago, prompted in part by her experiences.

Travelling the world, she became increasingly alarmed at humanity’s disconnection from nature and from each other.

“When an animal’s eyes connect with mine, all of my masks drop away. I am left revealed", says Tara.

"It is this sense that I hope to convey through my paintings. That breath-taking moment in
commune with life. My art is an invitation to connect - to nature, to each other, and to the
deepest, truest parts of ourselves.”

Living in tall buildings, encased in glass and concrete, separated from the environment and communicating through phones and computers, a lifestyle experienced by millions of
people, she began to ask the question:

‘If we do not know what we are losing how can we protect it?’

Wildlife charity, Tusk, says ‘This growing disconnect with nature and lack of understanding of it is increasingly being seen as much of a threat to wildlife and natural habitats as the other more tangible threats.’

Winona has created her solo show Symbios with the hope to inspire and to give nature a voice. The exhibition will explore connections with the living creatures that share our planet and will be the inaugural UK exhibition of Winona’s Treasure series depicting animals that are fast disappearing from our landscape. Symbios focuses on connection with nature – from endangered species, to mythical creatures, as well as her trees of life, composed of the
dancing bodies of humanity.

Working with a minimal colour palette she seeks beauty in simplicity, leaving space for the imagination. She paints with watercolour and acrylic inks, allowing these unpredictable materials to flow and have their own voice.
Winona imbues her animals with emotion and stories from her own life, such that her paintings almost become self-portraits, with representations of memories and insights. Her creatures fade into the canvases, signifying their endangerment. They gaze out, their eyes speaking directly to the viewer - an invitation to feel, to suspend judgement. Winona says, ‘I am making nature personal.’

Symbios, her second solo show and the largest to date, will be on show at Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1DR from 5th – 27th October. / / @g_different


October 22, 2018

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