Hounslow Asking for Green Ideas

Develop ideas for greener living with Hounslow Council

Planting by Air Quality Brentford
Planting by Air Quality Brentford in Hamilton Road

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Most of us want to live in a clean and green neighbourhood. If you've got ideas that could improve things, Hounslow Council invites you to share them with other people who care about the same things you do.

There will be two sessions - one on Saturday 15th June to develop ideas and another on Saturday 29th June to finalise proposals. Why not get involved?

This is a chance to share your ideas, develop your plans, and take projects forward. If you're up for the challenge, join in.

The first session takes place in Hounslow House on Saturday 15th June from 1030-1230. 

If you’d like to be involved, please take a moment to sign up – https://attending.io/events/a-cleaner-greener-borough-ideas-session - it promises to be an interesting session and, more importantly, a chance to make a real difference across the borough.

If you can’t make the 15th June, there will be a follow-up proposal session on Saturday 29th June – register your interest here:  https://attending.io/events/a-cleaner-greener-borough-proposals-session


May 20, 2019

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