Doug Benford at the Science Museum

40th Anniversary of Moon Landing

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Douglas Benford

Iris Garrlefs

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While the Science Museum can not be called local to Brentford please go and support local musician Doug Benford at the Science Museum on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 July.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo XI moon landing the Science Museum in its centenary year, alongside Sound and Music, present the premiere of a new arrangement of Brian Eno's 1983 album Apollo. The performance featuring the amplified ensemble Icebreaker with BJ Cole on pedal steel guitar will be in the Museum's IMAX cinema accompanied by original footage of the moon landings by director Al Reinert (For All Mankind). The event also includes a performance of new material based on recordings from space by laptop artists Douglas Benford and Iris Garrelfs in the gallery featuring the Apollo X capsule. Reflecting back on a time when people looked at the stars and dreamed and experienced the magic, mystery and awe of our universe in Eno's gravity-defying music.

July 7, 2009