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Brentford Community Council

Brentford Community Council meets monthly on Monday 13th Januaryat 7.30pm at The Scout Hut, Willow Close, Brentford TW8 8DE

Developers and others attend regularly to put forward their proposals and planning applications.

The agenda will include discussions on Alfa Laval and the Great West Corridor consultation.

1 Present/ Apologies.
2 Testimony to David Farmery. BCC member who died December 2019.
3 Minutes of BCC minutes for October 2019.
4 Planing Application: Hudson Square. (former B & Q site).
5 Updates on forthcoming inquiries. Paper from LBH for information.
Citroen site January 2020
Watermans site April 2020.
6. Update on Homebase and Tesco sites. From Brentford Voice and OWGRA.
7. Planning application: Syon Park Link Road
8. Updates for information on Ballymore discussions and other Brentford Voice projects.
9. AOB
10. Dates of future meetings. 10 February and 9 March.

Please attend and bring your papers with you on Monday.

Guests are welcome, please just turn up. Please email for further details or view Brentford Community Council website.

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January 9, 2020

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