Local Election Candidates Finalised

Greens and Liberal Democrats form pact for Brentford and Turnham Green ward



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The candidate list for the local elections on May 3rd has been finalised. The following lists the candidates for the IBAF wards.

Hounslow Greens and Hounslow Liberal Democrats have agreed to stand aside in two of the Hounslow wards in May’s Hounslow London Borough elections as they say the first past the post system favours the two largest parties in Hounslow.

Consequently, there will be no Green candidate standing in Turnham Green ward and no Liberal Democrat standing in Brentford ward. Both parties believe that this is the best way to break through the Blue/Red ceiling which the FPTP voting system inflicts on Hounslow.

Both parties agree that Hounslow Council is less representative and its decision-making is poorer for not having the benefit of Liberal Democrat or Green voices in the Council Chamber, but this electoral pact does not imply support for each other’s policies locally or nationally.


Conservative Party: Alex Gewanter, Christian Giovannini, Kinsuk Mitra-Thakur

Green Party: Tom Beaton, Tony Firkins, Victoria George

Independent: Torron-Lee Dewar

Labour Party: Mel Collins, Guy Lambert, Corinna Smart


Conservative Party: Satvinder Buttar, Ryan Harrild, Robert oulds

Green Party: Andrea Black, Fiona McIver-Wilson, Stefan Wells

Labour Party: Steve Curran, Theo Dennison, Katherine Dunne

Liberal Democrats: Jack Ballentyne, Steven Parker, Phyllis Van Der Esch


Conservative Party: Chandra Alapati, May Jarche, Nada Jarche

Green Party: John Ferris, Andrew Hatton, Rebecca Warren

Independent: David Griffiths

Labour Party: Daanish Saeed, Sue Sampson, Salman Shaheen

Liberal Democrats: Henna Asghar, Joe Bourke, Robert Thorpe


Conservative Party: Sheila O'Reilly, Maneesh Singh, Cynthia Torto

Green Party: Emily Grassi, Luke James Scott, Andrew Smart

Labour Party: Unsa Chaudri, Richard Eason, Tony Louki

Liberal Democrats: Desmond Bourke, Sean Bourke, John James

The full list of all persons nominated in the borough can be downloaded from LB Hounslow.

Key Election Dates

Last date to Register Vote is midnight 17/04/18

Applications for postal vote or amending existing arrangement 5pm on 18/04/18

Postal Votes Issued pm 19/04/18 & 23/4/18

Last date to receive New Proxy Vote Applications 5pm on 25/04/18

First day to issue replacement lost postal ballot papers 27/04/18 – 5pm on 3/05/18

Publication of Notice of Poll 25/4/18

Appointment of Count and Poll Agents 26/04/18

Applications for Emergency proxy votes 5pm on 3/05/18

Day of Poll 7am – 10pm on 3/05/18

Verification and Counting of Votes 9:30am – 4/05/18

April 13, 2018

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