Post-Electoral Promises on Heathrow

Will Labour or Conservative go against a three line whip?


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Brentford Community Council

Denis Browne, Chair of the Planning Consultative Committee wrote to PPCs Mary Macleod and Ruth Cadbury to thank them for their work on Heathrow to date and to ask for confirmation of views post election. To date he has not received a reply.

Denis wrote to Mary and Ruth jointly as follows:

The Brentford Community Council have appreciated your personal efforts to oppose the expansion of Heathrow and I have been asked to write to you on this issue.

We have noted the statement you made, Mary, at the Civic Centre, when you were elected our MP and the consistent way you have resisted the expansion of the airport.

We have appreciated, Ruth, the direct support you gave to the Brentford Community Council in giving evidence against both Terminal 4 and Terminal 5.

As the future of Heathrow will be such an important issue for Brentford residents when its future is decided after the election we would like to ask you as our candidates:

Can you confirm that if you are elected in May you will vote against any motion in the House of Commons to increase capacity, remove alternation or allow the continuation of night flights at Heathrow, even if your party imposes a three line whip to support a different view.

We look forward to receiving your assurance.


Do come along and raise issues with the candidates at the election hustings on Wednesday 15th April.

The next meetings of the BCC, to which all are invited are a social evening on April 16th at the Griffin, with the next planning meeting combined with an AGM on April 27 upstairs at the Griffin. Please email if you would like to be added to the mailing list for notifications of meetings.

April 9, 2015

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