Six Years For Street Robberies

Local youth committed crimes in Hounslow West


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On 19th November 2009 at Isleworth Crown Court, 18 years old Zeshan Ramkhoda of Challis Road, Brentford was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for a number of street Robberies. Mr Ramkhodia  committed these crimes  in September of  this year. He had approached his  male victims in various locations around the Hounslow West area where he threatened them and used physical force in order to obtain their personal property for his personal gain. He had used knife, bottle and piece of wood to threaten and assault his victims.  In one incident he detained his victim and marched him to a local cash point demanding the victims PIN number in order to withdraw cash.

These crimes were of a violent nature and had left the victims anxious and scared to go out at night. Due to the police investigation he was arrested and charged three days after committing his last offence. The evidence against him was so compelling that he  pleaded  guilty to  4 charges of Robbery and 1 for attempted Robbery at his first court hearing. 

DC Sunny Banerjee who led the investigation said - The 6 years jail sentence should be a warning to all those involved in violent and similar crimes. Hounslow Police will not tolerate any person committing these crimes and we will endeavor to do our best to bring those who do to justice. This man has paid the price for committing street robberies which has not only affected our victims but also upset  his family."   

November 20, 2009

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