Brentford Companies Help Lampoon Vote Leave Bus Ad

Red Routemaster used for Burger King Whopper campaign

Red Routemaster used for Burger King Whopper campaign

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Two Brentford companies have been involved in an ad campaign for Burger King which makes fun of the use of a bus by Vote Leave during the EU Referendum.

Controversially the campaign had sent out a battle bus which suggested that leaving the EU would allow the UK to spend an extra £350million on the NHS. This claim has been widely disputed include by the chairman of the UK Statistics Authority Sir David Nosgrove who described it as a clear misuse of official figures.

Burger King commissioned RedRoutemaster, which hires out the iconic buses from its Brentford base, to run ad on the side of one of their vehicles saying “Another Whopper on the side of a bus. Must be an election.” Alongside the wording is a picture of one of the fast food company’s burgers.

The ad work was delivered by another Brentford based company Octink.

The bus was driven around a series of central London locations including the Houses of Parliament.

A spokesperson for RedRoutemaster told us, “Our client who represents Burger King UK, came to us with a requirement for this advert on the side of one of our RedRoutemaster buses. The project was tight lipped and delivered within a 1 week and half window thanks to our close relationship with fellow Experts in print media Octink.”

A Burger King spokesman said, “As the Home of the Whopper, we felt that if anyone has the right to stick whoppers on the side of a bus, it’s us.”

December 6, 2019

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