Clayponds Gardens Residents Angered By Mercedes-Benz Parking

Car company say they are doing nothing illegal

Parking spaces taken up by Mercedes-Benz employees


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A row has blown up between Mercedes-Benz and its neighbours in Brentford over parking.

Residents around Clayponds Gardens say they have been finding it difficult to park near their homes while the car company’s dealership site near the M4 flyover is being redeveloped resulting in the closure of existing car parking space on site.

According to the residents all the available space is taken up by employees of the company during office hours making it difficult for visitors and day time carers.

Some have made complaints to Mercedes-Benz head office and this has resulted in spaces being vacated but the problem has quickly returned.

When the customer services team at Mercedes-Benz was contacted by one resident it was acknowledged that the cars belonged to their members of staff but, as they were not parked illegally, the company couldn’t take the matter any further.

Local councillor Guy Lambert has written to the Mercedes-Benz chief executive saying, “It is really not acceptable for a company with Mercedes-Benz profile and reputation to wash their hands of unacceptable behaviour by their employees on the grounds it’s ‘not illegal’.

Mercedes-Benz dealership, Brentford
Mercedes-Benz dealership, Brentford. Picture: Google Streetview

“Daimler Benz is a highly respected international company and I would expect it to display the highest standards, especially in these times when the ethics of the motor industry are under close scrutiny. Allowing employees to park in spaces reserved for residents simply because the practice is not illegal is not a good look.”

In response he was told that Mercedes-Benz Retail Group Limited are a separate entity from Mercedes-Benz Cars UK of which Mr Savage is chief executive. He described this as 'buck-passing' as Mr Savage is also a director of Daimler UK Ltd which is the parent of both companies.

We have asked Mercedes-Benz for comment.

December 6, 2019

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