Man Jailed for Brentford Stabbing Goes on Prison Rampage

Over 100 officers in riot gear needed to stop him

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The man who tried to stab to death a man in a Brentford mini-cab office and two police officers in Ealing has gone on an eight hour rampage in prison injuring guards and requiring over 100 officers in riot gear to be called in to restrain him.

Last August, 6ft 2 and 20 stone John Onyenachi went out of control in the top-security HMP Full Sutton in East Yorkshire. Video footage shows him attacking a number of prison guards including hitting one over the head with a pan, starting a fire in a kitchen, attempting to destroy a pool table and then running a gauntlet of officers in riot gear.

John Onyenachi

He was finally restrained when he tried to evade capture by running across netting between two landings but which he then fell through. Despite being able to walk away he was not able to resist detention.

38-year-old Onyenachi, who has been described as one of Britain’s most dangerous men, was out on licence from prison in December 2010 when he went on a 5-day crime spree. First he stabbed a man five times, causing serious wounds, in a minicab office in Brentford after a failed robbery. A few days later he was approached on Ealing Broadway by PC Paul Madden and two Police Community Support Officers after he had been reported to them by bus ticket inspectors. Onyenaychi lashed out at PC Madden, who was aged 23 at the time, and PSCOs Piotr Dolata and Steven Constable in front of shocked Christmas shoppers. PC Madden’s throat was cut and then Onyenachi stabbed PSCO Dolata when he went to his aid. PSCO Stephen Constable then became involved in a struggle with Onyenachi in which he was only saved from stab wounds by his hi-viz jacket. PC Madden’s life was save in part due to the presence of a retired surgeon who happened to be passing by.

Onyenachi runs gaunlet of officers in riot gear

Onyenaychi was found guilty of two counts of attempted murder, causing grievous bodily harm with intent, robbery and attempting to cause grievous bodily harm and given a double life sentence.

At a hearing earlier this month Hull Crown Court was told that the riot had caused £15,000 worth of damage and one of the prison officers suffered broken bones in his right hand. Although Onyenachi did not appear his legal representative said that his behaviour was caused by prescribed steroid medication which he had requested that he be taken off.

Onyenaychi was jailed for a further six years and nine months to be served after his 25-year tariff.

June 13, 2019

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