Ballymore Evicts Travellers From Car Park

Third incursion on waterside development site ends

The encampment last Friday morning. Picture Diane Newman/Facebook


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The group of travellers who set up camp on part of Ballymore’s Brentford Waterside development have been evicted.

A convoy of vehicles including vans, caravans and camper vans entered the disused on Friday 7 June.

The police issued a warning to residents to be vigilant during the occupation particularly of persons offering services door-to-door

Witness report that there were confrontations between private security company employees employed by Ballymore and the travellers. An eviction notice was served by Ballymore on the group on Saturday but, according to local councillor Guy Lambert, members of the group told the police that as they had been drinking in local pubs they could not legally drive their vehicles. They moved on the following day. It is believed that this group subsequently moved on to a car park in the Chiswick area.

CGI of the planned development. Picture: Ballymore

A spokeswoman for Ballymore said: “We reported travellers illegally accessing part of our development site along Brentford High Street on Friday 7th June to the local authorities.

“We worked closely with the relevant parties to take the appropriate action and resolve the situation, with the eviction process taking place over the weekend. The site was vacated on Sunday 9 June, and additional security measures are still in place.”

This is the third incursion onto Ballymore development sites by travellers since the company started work on the development which will see 800 flats, a new car park and retail and office space built. The previous occupations took place in March 2016 and May 2018.

Travellers entering the site. Picture: Harps O'Mahli

Last month travellers set up encampments in Carville Hall Park and at the southern end of Gunnersbury Park.

Hounslow Council is considering obtaining a borough wide injunction against traveller camps after fears were raised of displacement due to Ealing borough having obtained such an order.

The injunction forbids caravans, mobile homes, vans and lorries from coming onto public land for the purpose of occupying it or depositing waste.

A spokesperson for Hounslow Council said earlier, "We are aware of Ealing council’s introduction of an injunction against travellers.

"While we continue to explore our options with regard to unlawful occupation of public land by any party, we have yet to decide what further measures we may take to discourage future illegal trespass."

June 14, 2019

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