Junction 2 Apply for Two Nights

Local residents express concern about noise, mess and damage after last rave

Junction 2 2018


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Friends of Boston Manor Junction 2

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The creators of Junction 2, the one day rave that has very successfully taken place two years in a row have applied for a license for two events covering a Friday and Saturday night.

The first application was for up to 9,999; this is for 14,999 people.

Friday night will be an evening concert for up to 4000 people on 8th June 2018, 6.30-10:30pm. Saturday 9th June will be the music festival from noon to 10:30pm. Both nights allow a further half hour for people to leave, closing at 11pm.

Local residents along with representatives from Friends of Boston Manor and Boston Manor Residents Asociation met with the event director and operational manager to voice their concerns about this year's event:

  • the meadow has been severely damaged with the probable loss of biodiversity, including the wild flower area planted in memory of Alice Gross;
  • attendees were urinating in residential gardens and against lamp posts;
  • trespass down private alleyways and rear gardens;
  • complaints to the hot line were not well handled;
  • a lot of rubbish outside of the park that was not cleard up;
  • planned open air urinals were a bit too open;
  • Boston Manor Park and the local community see no benefit and no improvements to the park as a result;
  • noise checks started early in the morning and travelled quite a distance;
  • anti social behaviour on the approach to the park.

On the other hand,...

Junction 2 propose to close Boston Manor Road to Swyncombe Ave for three hours at the end of the event, to not increase the capacity (official attendance was 11,083) and to orient the meadow stage away from houses.

They also propose to increase and upgrade the level of security and stewards, including paying the police to be present throughout. More toilets will be better placed. Cleaners will travel out further in the neighbourhood.

If you wish to comment on this licence application please email licensing@hounslow.gov.uk by the 25th October with reference to the relevant considerations and evidence.

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October 3, 2017

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