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Streetbank. Neighbours sharing.

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Imagine a street where every home owns a tent, a drill, a bike pump, a ladder, a spade, a blow-up bed… the list is endless. Now imagine a street where these things are shared by neighbours, saving people money and helping them be more resourceful in the process. This is what Streetbank is all about.

This is what Streetbank is all about and it’s taking off in Brentford!

For instance, a marble fire surround, office desk, gazebo and clothes rail have all been added locally and the average member saves around £30 when they meet. 

Mandeep from Hounslow said:
“I heard about Streetbank through a friend, who gave away lots of furniture and books when she was moving house. I’ve since borrowed a cot and a ladder, and been given a children’s bike for my son! People are generous and I’ve enjoyed meeting more neighbours as a result of using the site.”

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August 5, 2015