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Great value local promotion is already visited by over 3,000 people a week and continues to grow rapidly. It is Brentford's only dedicated local media. If your business is in Brentford it should be your first choice.

The web site attracts over 11,000 unique users and 27,000 visits a month (six month rolling average to November 2018. (Google Analytics)

The site had a bounce rate of 40.1% with 5.6 pages per session and the average session lasting 2.5 minutes in the year to November 2018. (Google Analytics)

A weekly email newsletter is sent out to over 3,300 subscribers 92.8% of whom are resident in Brentford or an adjacent post code.

Breakdown of Location of Newsletter Subscribers

* Based on a sampling made in November 2018

Advertisements are carried in the newsletter at a maximum ratio of 25% compared to content.

Only one advertisement is displayed at the top of each page on the web site.

Our subscriber base contains a high proportion of ABC1 social grades (71%) with the proportion of homeowners well above the national average.

Social Grade of Subscribers

*Based on sampling made in November 2018

Our subscriber base is older than the national average with over 35% aged 35-54 and 56% aged 35-64. Only 5.2% are aged under 25.

Demographic Profile of Subscribers

*Based on sampling made in November 2018


To add a listing go to the directory

Enhanced listings of up to 75 words plus a picture or logo are available for 6 months at £60 plus VAT or £100 plus VAT for the year. If you have a web site it will be added to our site index to make it easier for visitors to find.

Basic listings on the site are free for local businesses. If you are not based in TW8 and want a basic listing the cost is 6 months at £30 plus VAT or £50 plus VAT for the year.

These prices assume that listings are entered and paid for on-line. If you need us to add the listing for you there will be a surcharge and your listing will not appear immediately.

Display Advertising

The site gives your business two main opportunities to sell - display banners which appear at the top of the site's pages and on the front page and inclusion in our e-mail newsletter that goes to hundreds of local residents

Rates for three months advertising on the site
Standard - £150
Enhanced - £300


  • Minimum of 5000 banners per month
  • Minimum of one inclusion in site newsletter
  • Ad design
  • Minimum of 15,000 banners per month
  • Minimum of one inclusion in e-mail newsletter every month
  • Ad design
  • Prominent listing on site
  • Advertising on front page

Prices exc. VAT

Pay monthly packages are also available.

If you are interested contact or call 020 8994 7888.

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