Ruth Cadbury 'Sworn In' As MP For Brentford & Isleworth

Getting to grips with new role as a Member of Parliament

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The new constituency MP (Brentford & Isleworth), Ruth Cadbury has been sworn in at the official ceremony at Parliament in Westminster today.(May 20)

Speaking to shortly afterwards she said that it was a "solemn" moment for her, and really brought home the official nature of her new role.

According to parliamentary rules, nobody can take part in a debate or vote until they 'swear in' with an oath of allegiance to the Crown. The MPs file past the despatch box, take their oath and shake hands with the Speaker.

Local well-wishers tweeted to congratulate her after the swearing-in.

The new MP said that she was finding her feet in Westminster, and attending meetings where new MPs are told about various rules and regulation relating to behaviour and expenses. She is also forming her team to help with administration and constituency work.

She described the atmosphere as "like starting at uni and a new job all in one. After weeks and months of talking to residents on the doorstep I've to get my head around log-ins and passwords, rules of behaviour, find out where things are...get a feel for the pattern of things here and also there's an awful lot of meeting new people."

In the wake of the election defeat for Labour she said there were lots of conversations within the Parliamentary Labour Party about the future and a lot of soul searching about what happened and how they can look forward creatively, honestly and constructively.

"For me the pleasure of achievement at having won is tempered by the fact that we lost the election nationally. I was one of the Labour target seats, and we candidates were a team of almost 100 who met up quite a lot, and there's only about a quarter of us here now. There are lots of people who put their lives on hold to be candidates and get to know people in their community and didn't get elected, they now have to get back to rebuilding a normal life".

Asked who she would be supporting for Labour Leader (Yvette Cooper visited Brentford School for Girls to support Ruth Cadbury during the election campaign), she said that she had not yet decided. She would be talking to the candidates and getting to know what their priorities and perspective were before making a decision.

The election targets of housing education and the NHS were still her targets. Housing was increasingly an issue on the doorstep along with the local hospital closures and Heathrow Airport.

"I'll be working on local issues that people raise with me all the time, Heathrow Airport expansion, Mogden Sewage, Free Schools, issues in Chiswick like the Piccadilly Line stopping at Turnham Green, and the safety of Gunnersbury Station. I said that I would continue the work Mary Macleod started on those issues. And as I said in my acceptance speech, I am committed to representing everyone regardless of who they support politically. "

She said she would also concentrate on supporting small businesses and women in business and would continue to attend local events and meetings and would shortly set up a constituency office and announce details of regular surgeries.

She is hoping to maker her Maiden Speech during the debate which follows the Queen's Speech.

The State Opening of Parliament, which marks the formal start of the parliamentary year, will take place on Wednesday 27th May. The Speech sets out the government's agenda for the coming session, outlining proposed policies and legislation and is followed by a debate in the House.

And any hints of what that Maiden Speech might contain? "There will be a lot to say, particularly from the Labour benches. I won't have a lot of time to speak but right now I'm concerned that the government will not tackle affordable homes and also I'm worried about the impact on local business from an EU pullout so I may refer to those issues. "

May 20, 2015

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