Cllr Ruth Cadbury's Response to Airports Commission

Supports "better not bigger Heathrow"

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Cllr Ruth Cadbury, Labour's parliamentary candidate describes her submission to The Davies Airports Commission, which will now begin going through the tens of thousands of responses to its consultation that has just closed on where additional runway capacity in the South East should go – a second runway at Gatwick or one of two options at Heathrow – a third runway or splitting the existing northern runway in two to allow for simultaneous landing and take-off.

"As the Labour Party candidate for Brentford and Isleworth I have long campaigned for a better not bigger Heathrow and will continue to fight to protect the people of this constituency from increased noise and pollution. Most residents here already live in an unacceptable noise climate, and those not already severely affected would be if a third Runway is built.  This was the basis of my submission to Sir Howard Davies’ commission.

"What residents need now, whether or not Heathrow expands, is a legally binding package of measures, independently managed, that guarantees the daily respite periods that using alternate runways brings. Noise levels should get no worse than at present and the insulation package should be equivalent to that for other major airports. Air pollution around Heathrow, from both planes and road traffic, already breaches EU limits and the Commission needs to carry out a lot more work on the impact of expansion. It is essential that the airport provides significant public transport improvements, to reduce the high level of vehicle pollution..  The airport should fund major improvements to rail, bus, light rail and tube provision around and into the airport.

"The Davies Commission’s decision will affect us all for generations to come.  My submission continues my fight to oppose any expansion at Heathrow
To join the growing body of protest, contact HACAN ­ Heathrow's noise action group.

"If you live in the Brentford and Isleworth Constituency and would like to get in touch with me on Heathrow (or any other issue) then please email me at "


February 6, 2015

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