Praise For Hounslow Mental Health Services

Positive feedback from patients in inspection report

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Mental health services provided by the West London Mental Health NHS Trust in Hounslow have been praised by patients in an inspection report. One patient described the service as “like a life line.”

Patients using the local mental health services were asked for their views during announced visits in May by inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Inspectors observed how people were being cared for by mental health teams in Hounslow and they interviewed patients, their families and staff.

The inspection report, published today (July 4) , says that staff respect and involve people fully in their care and treatment, which is testament to the work they have done over the years to deliver high quality, patient focused care.

"Young people using our services described being “listened to, treated with dignity and respect” Inspectors saw examples of people being able to decide at which community setting they wanted to have meetings held, to ensure it was somewhere convenient for them," said a statement from the Trust.

The inspectors were particularly impressed to hear from mental health staff who give talks at local schools and in community centres to raise awareness of emotional well-being and of the services available locally for young people.

Inspectors also report examples of the actions staff take to meet people’s diverse needs in relation to disability, race, religion and belief, sexual orientation and age, as for example, the work done with families from various ethnic communities in Hounslow to raise their awareness of mental health issues.

Proper management of patient safety and risk issues were seen as central to all of their interactions with patients.

Staff were described as skilled and competent to make sure patients received safe and appropriate care and flexible to ensure that people had positive outcomes. They worked well in their teams where there was a good skill mix of professionals, they received regular training and felt supported by the staff that worked with them.

Chief Executive of the West London Mental Health NHS Trust, Steve Shrubb said: “I’m very proud of our staff who provide mental health services to the people of Hounslow. There is nothing more powerful than feedback from the people we care for and I’m very happy that those interviewed spoken so positively about our staff and the work they do.

“The report highlights that in some cases patients felt we need to improve the information we give to them about their care, and this is something we will work to improve upon immediately.”

July 4, 2013