To Bee Or Not To Bee

Beehives on your roof perhaps?

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Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP
Liberal Democrat MEP for London

Tel: 020 7288 2526

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Liberal Democrat MEP Sarah Ludford is strongly supporting a call for more EU support for the beekeeping industry.

Bees in the UK and across Europe have been plagued in recent years by the double whammy of increased death rates and fewer beekeepers, a real ‘bee crisis’.

Sarah Ludford said, "This isn’t just about honey, delicious as that is. Without bee pollination, much of our food simply can't be grown. But alarming numbers of bees are dying due to disease and probably pesticides."

"That's why I and other MEPs are calling for more research into how we can best protect these crucial insects.”

“In London, beehives are increasing, and four have recently been put on the roof of Fortnum & Mason's! As long as there are enough flowers, bees can thrive even in the most urban environments!"

"In fact honey made in London is unusually pure as unlike in the countryside there are very few pesticides in London. There are all sorts of varieties – for instance Peckham honey has a creamy flavour while Hampstead honey is very dark. People could try making their own local honey and see what that tastes like."

November 26, 2010