No Leaflets Without A Licence

New rules for those distributing literature

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Hounslow Council has introduced a new licensing scheme for anyone wanting to distribute free literature in the borough.

The licences, which can be issued on a daily or annual basis, apply to anyone who distributes free literature which is not of a religious, charitable or political nature.

Licences can be issued for daily or annual use. The daily rate for distributing free literature at any location in the borough is £25 per person, per day. Annual consent for up to four people is £250.

All distributors must now also wear council issued ID cards, which cost an additional £30 each.

Anyone distributing free literature is responsible for clearing the nearby area at the end of their distribution, ensuring all dropped literature has been removed.

Councillor Richard Foote, cabinet member for community protection said: “We’ve introduced this licensing initiative to ensure that people who come here to promote their businesses, organisations or events are doing so in a responsible manner. The onus is now on the distributor to clean up the area and ensure any material that has been dropped is removed and disposed of.

“This new scheme also helps us monitor who is pedalling what in our borough. For example, we won’t allow anyone who is promoting drinks offers to push their promotions on our residents and visitors, as encouraging people to drink excessive amounts of alcohol can lead to anti-social behaviour.

“If in doubt about whether you need a licence to distribute literature visit the council’s website or contact the licensing team who will assist.”

Anyone distributing literature without registering with the council will face a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80. They may also be banned from distributing literature within the London Borough of Hounslow in the future. 

More information about the new licensing scheme and how to apply can be found online at


June 4, 2015

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