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Hounslow Council’s Executive agreed on Tuesday night (27th July) to  put up signs in all areas with parking enforcement cameras making it clear that parking is not allowed. There will also be a site by site review

Cllr. Ed Mayne, Lead Member for Community Safety and Enforcement, said:

"This report seeks to address the large number of complaints we have received from local residents and  businesses regarding the use of CCTV for parking enforcement. There will now be a site by site review of each camera location, improved signage and measures to provide better information about the council's use of CCTV.

"The new Labour administration hopes to clear up the mess left by the previous Conservative-Isleworth Community Group coalition who installed these parking enforcement cameras without consulting local residents and businesses properly.

"There is a widespread belief among residents that CCTV cameras installed to tackle anti-social behaviour are now being used to issue parking tickets which is completely untrue. Community safety cameras and parking enforcement cameras were installed separately. Cameras installed for community safety purposes have never been used to enforce parking restrictions. Hopefully the improved signage will make this clearer."

July 29, 2010