Have You Responded To Electoral Register Update?

Just over half households in the Borough have completed their forms


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A Hounslow resident has scooped £200 for completing their electoral registration form early.

Lidia Daniel, from Hounslow, won the prize in a competition open to all households that registered to vote by telephone, online, post or text by midnight on Sunday 19 August 2012. 

Cllr Sue Sampson, the cabinet member for performance and customer care at the council, said:

"It’s important for people to make sure they are on the electoral register so they have their voice heard in local and general elections. It’s also used by companies when people apply for loans, a new mobile phone or a mortgage.

"We are working hard to make sure that everyone who is entitled to vote is on the register, but some people mistakenly believe that they are automatically registered once their council tax is paid, which simply isn’t the case.”

So far, more than half (51.06 per cent) of registration forms have been returned, and residents should return their form as soon as possible to prevent any further reminders or a personal visit by canvassers.  Reminders were sent over the weekend to those households that have not yet responded.

Failing to register after the canvasser’s visits could lead to a prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000. Earlier this year 10 residents were prosecuted successfully for failing to register during last year’s canvass.

If the information contained in the registration form you have received needs changing, the form should be amended, signed and returned by post in the envelope provided, as quickly as possible.

If there are no changes to be made, registering via the internet, text or telephone.

Even if the information on the form is correct and no changes are required, the householder still needs to register to confirm the details. This can be done by visiting www.elecreg.co.uk/hounslow  

For those who do not have internet access, they can:

  • return the signed form in the envelope.
  • call freephone 0808 284 1416 (English), or 0808 284 1417 (other languages) 24 hours a day.

Residents who wish to register online or over the phone will be asked for a two-part security code, which can be found on the form.

For further information visit www.hounslow.gov.uk/elections email elections@hounslow.gov.uk or call 020 8583 2107.


September 3, 2012