A vision for the future of Hounslow

Aimed at Creating a More Sustainable Community


Hounslow Together

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Hounslow Together

On behalf of the Hounslow Local Strategic partnership – Hounslow Together - Hounslow Council this weekapproved an ambitious strategy for the future of the borough, aimed at creating a more sustainable community.

The Chair of Hounslow Together and Leader of Hounslow Council, Cllr Jagdish Sharma, launched the plan, entitled ‘Future Borough’, at the Borough Council meeting at the Civic Centre. The plan focuses on supporting the community in Hounslow including coordinating activity between the council, the police, the fire service, the NHS and a variety of other agencies to target residents who most need help.

‘Future Borough’ aims to focus attention on tackling deprivation, providing equality of opportunity to those who live in the borough, growth and managing this sustainably through supporting the economy and town centres.

Speaking at the launch, Cllr Jagdish Sharma said:

“Future Borough sends a clear signal to our residents, to businesses, developers and potential investors that we are a borough with ambition, a borough that’s improving and that Hounslow is an ideal place to invest and do business.

“The plan places a totally new emphasis on regenerating our town centres and strengthening our local economy in the areas that are most in need of improvement. This will enable us to maximise the economic benefits for the whole borough.

“Whilst setting out a strong direction for the borough as a whole, the strategy allows flexibility for local areas to determine their priorities locally. By working in partnership with a variety of agencies, we can ensure our borough has the chance to grow and have a bright future, and that’s for every resident in Hounslow. The aim is ensure that locally, regionally and nationally Hounslow is thought of as a high-performing borough that strives for excellence.”

July 22, 2011