Changes To Housing Benefit In Hounslow

Affecting both tenants and private landlords


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If you are a tenant who pays rent to a private landlord, it is possible that the amount of housing benefit you get to pay your rent could go down. If your housing benefit is paid directly to your landlord, the amount your landlord gets for your rent could also reduce.

If you receive or are thinking of claiming housing benefit, you need to consider these changes before you renew or make a new tenancy agreement with a private landlord.

Who will the changes affect?

These changes could affect you if:

• you are claiming housing benefit, or are going to make a new claim, under the Local Housing Allowance scheme (LHA)
• you receive more housing benefit (up to £15) than you pay for rent.

When will the changes affect you?

• from 1 April 2011 if you receive more housing benefit (up to £15) than you pay for your rent
• from 1 April 2011 if you are making a new claim for housing benefit
• if you are already claiming housing benefit, you will normally have more time before your rate changes. There will be up to nine months transitional protection from when your claim is next assessed, or from the anniversary date. Your anniversary date is the date on which your claim was first calculated under the LHA scheme. For example, if your anniversary date is June 2011 the changes to LHA rates will not affect you until March 2012.

The changes may affect you sooner if:

• you are getting housing benefit and are planning to move home
• your household is changing, such as someone leaving or coming to live with you.

Cllr Pritam Grewal said: “These changes are across all local authorities in the country but for more advice and information relating to the borough, visit or call 020 8583 4242.”

March 16, 2011