Cancellation of Brentford Festival

Is it still too late?

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A council spokesman commented on Tuesday that "It was disappointing to hear that the Brentford Festival organisers had taken the decision to cancel this year’s event.
“I hope they will reconsider.
“Brentford residents and the London Borough of Hounslow value this event as we do all community events across the Borough. But there has to be a degree of acceptance that with events come costs that have to be covered.
“That said, I do not think this is a lost cause, so myself and local members, along with John Laing Integrated Services, will seek more discussions with the Festival organisers to see if we can find a common-sense solution to the issue."

Councillor Ruth Cadbury added that "we have identified, from Council sources, all the funding needed to cover the festival running costs. The organisers are aware of this, but still feel it is too late to reverse the decision for this year."

Linda Massey said "I have been privy to all emails that have been exchanged between the delegation that went to the council. At no point has anyone offered to pay for/provide the service provision previously provided by Continental Landscapes which was one of the requests. So does this mean that the Council will be offering additional money to the fee to JLIS as from April they will be undertaking the direct running of the team we previously used.

"I need to remind the councillors and officers that the deadline was set for a reason which they failed to adhere to. They clearly do not know how long it takes to organise the event. We have already cancelled our regular attractions and written to all stall holders from whom we have received some very supporting comments."

There is also a suggestion made in the forum that people should visit Boston Manor Park on what was to be the day of the Brentford Festival with a picnic and have fun anyway.


If you'd like to express your views to the council please email Ruth Cadbury (Brentford Ward Councillor), Hamish Pringle (Assistant Director of Leisure and Cultural Services) and Pritam Grewal (Hounslow Councillor)

09 March 2011