The Journey To Find Jane's Smile Is Over

White Dental Room's competition winner talks to us about her amazing makeover experience

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Louise from Armstrong Cuthbert with competition winner Jane and White Dental Room's Rafaella and Beverley

White Dental Rooms
Armstrong Cuthbert

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When local mother of four Jane Cooke was chosen as the winner of White Dental Room's Smile Competition she had no idea about the journey she was about to embark on. And after her transformation courtesy of Rafaella, Jane's new look was topped off with a new hairstyle by Louise at Armstrong Cuthbert.

Now it's come to an end, we met Jane and Rafaella to find out how it all turned out.

Words to describe winning this competition? - Life-changing and life-enhancing immediately spring to mind!

"In entering this competition courtesy of White Dental Clinic, I suspect I had already made a decision to 'alter me'...or at least begin the process that was more concerning with me!" says Jane.

"The email I received early one morning congratulating me as the smile makeover winner, left me with tears running down my face!"

"My daughter came downstairs and asked "What was wrong!"
I said "'I've won, I've won."
"Won what?"' she replied.
"A smile makeover worth £3000."
"Well," she replied, "You must be the only person in the world who is happy to go to the dentist!."

" I smiled- my last smile with lips curled over my teeth and mouth closed!"

"There were many early moments during the makeover where I was truly out of my 'comfort zone'!...centre of attention at a wonderful congratulatory supper....and first consultation at the clinic with Rafaella, but I really should not have worried for I was, and have been throughout, in the safest , sensitive and skillful of hands.

"The initial consultation with Rafaella was indeed a life changing moment and tears of relief flowed when Rafaella finally gave me her verdict that I, and my teeth ,were not a lost cause and change and an excellent make over could be effected! The cloud of despair and pain (re-occurring infections, abscesses, broken teeth and gaping holes!), lifted in an instant and from that moment I was raring to go!

"A flurry of appointments followed ; hygienist visit, extractions, x rays, impressions taken, crowns prepared and fitted, zoom teeth whitening, and the Ferrari of false teeth fitted (and no they were not red!) I can honestly say , I looked forward to every appointment, was met by Beverley, the most incredible caring ,understanding and friendly of clinic managers, who understood so much, I even looked forward to the Friday mass extraction day!

"The life enhancing has indeed happened, when i look back, I realise how more confident I am now than then, my smile is ready and real. No more tricks to disguise my teeth, lip! curling, head down, mouth only partially open, hand always covering my mouth when laughing.....Rafaella pointed out my myriad of masking tricks on my teeth on our first meeting. So much time and energy spent masking a I feel free to just do!

"Thank you Smile Makeover."


June 7, 2011