Licence Checks For Teachers

Government to introduce five-year 'MOTs' for school staff

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Teachers will have given five-year check-ups to renew their licences under plans set out by the Children's Secretary Ed Balls this week.

In a statement on the Schools White Paper the MP told the House of Commons that the renewable licence would initially apply to newly-qualified teachers, beginning their training this September, but would be rolled out to those returning to teaching from September 2010 and all supply teachers shortly after that.

The 'licence to teach', overseen by General Teaching Council, will be similar to that used by other professionals such as doctors and lawyers.

The proposals have been slammed by the National Union of Teachers, who claim to have found 'nothing to welcome' in the scheme because 'there was no money attached to it'.

A spokesperson for the NUT said, ""Teachers' capacity and practice are persistently under review. It is not clear that head teachers will welcome an additional responsibility to re-licence their teachers every five years."


July 2, 2009