A Ticking Off Instead Of A Ticket

New scheme aimed at 'educating motorists rather than penalising them'


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Motorists who park illegally could be given a ticking off instead of a ticket in a new initiative introduced by Westminster Council who believe the warning notes could deal with 20% of parking offences in the borough.

Seen as "soft enforcement", the initiative is set to being on 1st April and is aimed at educating motorists rather than penalising them. The scheme is part of the Borough's new £50m parking contract with service organisation Mouchel.

Parking attendants will use handheld computers that will provide extra guidance as to whether they should issue a ticket to an illegally parked car, based on the type of offence committed, the location and any previous tickets issued.

Founder of AppealNow.com Barrie Segal told BBC London, "This is a long overdue change in policy. But with the pressure on civil enforcement officers to issue parking tickets whether this policy will really benefit motorists remains to be seen. I am sceptical."

A spokesperson for Hounslow Council said, "We will review what Westminster is doing and consider if it would be appropriate for Hounslow."

February 17, 2010