Kew Bridge Station Renewal Moves Closer

Action Group succeeds in getting station house renovated

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Mary Macleod MP and Cllr. Paul Lynch at Kew Bridge station during the renovation

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The ongoing renovation of Kew Bridge station house is now expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The station yard has also been tidied up and the station platform is currently being extended. Transport for London are discussing improvements to roads around Kew bridge Station, with the incorporation of a Cycle Super Highway being considered.

A taskforce was set up eighteen months ago to look at ways of improving Kew Bridge Station and the surrounding area and this has been a driving force behind many of the improvements.

After local residents raised a number of objections to the appearance around Kew Bridge Station, Mary Macleod MP set up the Kew Bridge Station Action Group to tackle some of the issues. The group consists of Mary Macleod MP, Network Rail, Southwest Trains, Transport for London, Brentford Football Club, St George’s, local resident associations, local businesses, a local developer and representatives from Hounslow Council.

The Action Group aldo aims to improve access for disabled people at the station as well as improving signage to local attractions in the area.

Mary Macleod MP commented, ‘The Kew Bridge Station Action Group has shown that when local people and organisations come together to try and solve a problem, they can be extremely effective in improving their local area. With the new housing developments and the relocation of Brentford Football Club to the area, this station will see a marked increase in use over the coming years. We have achieved real progress over the last eighteen months, and I am confident that the area will be transformed over the next couple of years”


November 2, 2012