Hounslow Council To Be Asked To 'Clarify' Stance On Heathrow Airport

Conservative councillors want to know if Council has changed position on expansion

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Councillor Peter Thompson, leader of the Conservative grouping on Hounslow Council is to ask Councillor Amrit Mann, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment to clarify the Council's stance on Heathrow Airport.

At tonight's meeting (September 15) of the Council, he will ask: “Would the Cabinet Member for the Environment reassure residents of Hounslow that the Council’s position on saying 'No' to Heathrow Expansion remains unchanged?"

Richmond, Reading and Ealing councils have been very explicit on their stance, but Hounslow has recently said it wants a "better not bigger airport".

The Green Party has joined forces with campaign groups at Heathrow, Gatwick and others in the South East and London to say “no new runways”

Hounslow Green Party has said it is closely following the issue due to its consequences on air pollution, noise pollution, traffic disruptions and effects on residents quality of life.

"As it is, Hounslow is in a key position to attract investment into the Borough as it has such an strategic position next to the airport, we cannot see what is to be gained from a third runway." 

This autumn MPs are being asked to choose between expanding Heathrow (favoured by the Airports Commission) or Gatwick airports.

Campaign partners include: Hacan; Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign; Stop Heathrow Expansion; Airport Watch; CAGNE; Friends of the Earth; Greenpeace

September 16, 2015