Save Trees In Gunnersbury campaign - Gunnersbury Park Protests Take Off!

STIG plans to leaflet residents

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Save Trees in Gunnersbury Campaign

'Housing Only Way to Save Gunnersbury Park'

Friends of Gunnersbury Park and Museum

Campaign to Restore Gunnersbury's Historic Stables

Gunnersbury Park Museum,

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At another packed public meeting last Wednesday, the SAVE TREES IN GUNNERSBURY campaign (STIG) had volunteers flocking to join up as members, write to their councillors and leaflet across Ealing and Hounslow Boroughs. The campaign plans to lobby councillors to vote NO to selling off part of the park for a housing development.

At the meeting a surprising number of people – 21 out of over 100 attending – reported they had NOT received consultation documents. Lucy Collins (STIG Vice President) warned that the papers had been mailed in plain white envelopes, which may have easily gone in the bin unopened. “It just goes to show how inept and valueless this consultation process has been so far” said Lucy “We can only hope that the people analysing the results will have anything useful to go on”.

Now with money in the bank, and many willing volunteers, the campaign plans to start leafleting across Hounslow and Ealing boroughs, to get people to make clear to their councillors that our parks are not for the bulldozers!

At the meeting, Lucy, and Linda James, a local artist, introduced some STIG events, using the park:

23rd October – a spot of Tree Gazing – with expert botanist Tony Titchen – identifying the trees at risk. The councils should have done a tree survey recently, but have not done. Let’s do it for them!

31st October – early evening Halloween party for children amongst the trees.

Save Trees In Gunnersbury (STIG) is a new campaign which, whilst supporting plans to restore listed buildings, is primarily committed to the preservation of green spaces of Gunnersbury Park.

STIG calls on the councils to widen the scope of the study to allow funding from other budgets, and consult more frankly explaining the full impact of each option both on the environment and the local community. 

Contact:Giusi, Lucy or Martin  on 07719 387 106
Join: GoogleGroups / Facebook “STIG – Save Trees In Gunnersbury”

There is a stakeholder forum meeting, open to all on Saturday October 24th at 11am.The stakeholder forum was initiated to encourage community involvement. It is an opportunity for any interested party or individual to attend a meeting to raise concerns and issues, to be informed on regeneration initiatives and to explore opportunities for volunteering and partnership working at Gunnersbury. Please contact Richard Gill for details on 020 8992 1612 or



September 29, 2009