Local Police Give Notorious Beggar Warning

Darren Bingham continuing to prey on local victims


Darren Bingham

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A conman is continuing to prey on often vulnerable victims to feed his drug habit despite being placed under an Anti Social Behaviour Order.

Darren Bingham is a notorious beggar targeting households in Hanworth, Brentford, Hounslow and Isleworth, where he invents stories about needing money to help sick relatives.

He was given a five-year antisocial behaviour order in May 2012, banning him from knocking on doors or begging in a public place.

Recent sightings in Hounslow suggest that Bingham may be continuing to target vulnerable people across the Borough..

The terms of his ASBO state that he must not knock at the door of any person not known to him or attempt to beg in any public place.

Any suspicious activity can be reported to police on the non-emergency number 101.

August 28, 2013