Something’s Brewing at The Botanist

Resurgence of real ale continues apace with new microbrewery


The Botanist Brewery and Kitchen
3-5 Kew Green, TW9 3AA
Telephone: 020 8948 4838

Twitter: @_thebotanist

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The Botanist Brewery and Kitchen celebrated its new micro-brewery and decor makeover on Thursday 22 September, allowing guests to try their selection of beer as well as some of the food they have to offer.

It has a very sumptuous décor, with some of the brewing equipment on show, as well as relaxing outdoor area, where there is space to have a barbecue, or a hog roast.

Three of their brews were available for sampling on the night. These were Humulus Lupulus, Night Porter and O.K. which were available at a quarter-pint quantity to taste.

Humulus Lupulus (3.8%) is described as a ‘hoppy fruity pale ale’. It had a refreshing aroma and a sharp taste. The beer left a tingling taste on the tongue which was pleasant. It went very well with chicken and they recommend it is drunk with chicken wrapped in Parma ham.

Night Porter (5%) is a darker brew and is described as having an outstanding depth of flavour. It had a very soothing smell and was slightly sour on the tongue, although it left a pleasant after-taste. The Botanist recommend it is drunk with a burger and chips.

O.K. (4.2%) is a traditional English beer with the subtle tastes of malt and caramel. The beer had a pleasant aroma. It is smooth and the aftertaste is mild. The name stems from ‘Original Kew’, which used to be put on products made in the Kew area.

The Botanist also have four other beers which they brew, Dunkel Berry, Kew Green, Queen Charlotte and 391.

They stock 52 varieties of bottled beers and ciders from all over the world providing a very welcome alternative to the usual Carlsberg or Heineken.

Amongst other tasty dishes, there was a delicious hog roast on offer, which went well with the beers. The Botanist carefully source their meat and are keen to use rare pigs such as the Gloucestershire Old Spot. There are also vegetarian options on their menu.

The Botanist is available for hire for a variety of functions. One of these is a ‘Brewers Breakfast’ where you can have a ‘cheeky tasting session’ hosted by the head brewer, beer sampling is optional.

Another event you can book is a brew for a party.  This entails brewing your own barrel of beer first.  Then a week later you return with your friends to enjoy what you have created.

Tom Moore

September 26, 2011