Council Gives Bonus To Low-Paid Workers

One-off payment to help with rising cost of living

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Low paid council workers in Hounslow have received a welcome boost in their pay packets.

Teaching assistants, care workers, dinner ladies and cleaners and are among more than 2,000 workers on low pay who received a one-off payment of up to £250.

Cllr Steve Curran, cabinet member for education, housing and HR at the council, said:

“The Government said low paid workers should receive extra money to help them with the rising costs of living, but failed to provide a penny to support this.

“Council pay has been frozen for three years, but we think it’s important that those on low incomes, who are struggling with the rising costs of living, are supported.

“Most of these people work in our schools, as teaching assistants, cleaners, caretakers, and dinner ladies, but there are also carers, school crossing patrols and travel assistants for children with special educational needs.

“These people make such an important contribution to the lives of residents, and I pleased to say we are recognising this.”

All council staff earning below a full-time equivalent salary of £21,000 received the one-off payment for 2012-13. The payment was made, pro-rata for those working part-time, to all eligible staff at the end of June.

July 4, 2012